How to Use Online Casino Bonus Codes?

Most online casinos offer some sort of bonus codes that are redeemable at the online casino either before signing up and opening an account or after already having opened up an account. They generally allow the casino an opportunity to promote itself, while affording the player a chance to play for free. Bonuses, then, are generally a win-win for both casino and player, as the casino gets to entice players and the players get more playing and winning chances.

These online casino bonus codes can be received either directly through the particular online casino or through certain online casino portals, which will offer a variety of bonus codes for a variety of online casinos. Many online players check back to such portals often to receive all the latest bonus codes.

How Are Bonus Codes Found?

If a player wants to try out a particular online casino but is not yet ready to put down a deposit or is uncertain if the casino site is actually perfectly suited, online casino bonus codes can be used to test the casino without risking any personal or financial information or funds.

The player can mostly access these bonus codes in the promotions section of the online casino, if this is available, or even contact the casino directly and ask if there are any codes available. Alternatively, players may choose to access gaming portals which will list a whole bunch of online casino bonus codes. This is great when players aren’t exactly sure where to start in the online casino world. They can then simply browse through these lists of bonus codes and choose to play at the online casino that seems to offer the best deal.

Moving On To the Next Step

Once a player has received a bonus code, it is time to redeem it at the relevant casino. While playing free games generally do not require players to sign up to the casino, some casino may still ask players to open up an account to redeem the bonus codes. Note, this would just require actually opening up an account and not putting down an actual deposit. Even if opening up an account is required, the bonus codes are still for no deposit offers.

Once this has been done, the online casino will prompt the player to enter the bonus code into a specified field. This will transfer the free casino credits or number of spins into the player’s account, enabling the player to begin playing. Sometimes this may take a little while to process, but generally the request should be completed quickly.

Playing For Real

If a player has used up the free credits and has decided that the Philippines internet casinos are well-suited and wishes to continue playing, it should be relatively easy for the player to move on to the real money versions of the games on the site. Often the player just simply has to complete the online profile and put down an initial deposit. This will grant the player access to all features of the site, and enable the player to play for real money.

Nonetheless, just because an initial deposit has been put down, this does not mean that bonuses have disappeared. The player might still be eligible to receive regular bonuses and access bonus codes as part of certain seasonal or loyalty promotions.