David Gilbank

Director Dave Gilbank

David Gilbank is an experienced, multi-award winning advertising copywriter who has worked for a number of UK and Australian radio groups, advertising agencies and also spent time in journalism and PR.
His first feature film script ‘Cull’ won the Hollywood Independent Producers Award, Astoria Film Festival and Long Island Film Festival – Best Horror Script.
Recently his screenplay The White House Haunting has won several international awards and continues to do well on the 2016 festival circuit.
Polterheist, his 2016 Horror short film has won many awards throughout the world, while Working Late, a short comedy, has started the festival circuit successfully.



Marlee Roberts began her career in the entertainment industry as a child actress. At four years
old, she showed America her dimpled smile in an Orajel naDonal commercial. Soon aEer, she
made appearances on David LeHerman’s The Late Show and ABC’s One Life to Live.
At ten years old, Roberts was cast in the musical The American Girls Revue. She has appeared on
TV shows for ABC and the Adult Swim Network as well as in films such as Night Has Se<led,
starring Spencer List and Oscar-nominated actress Adriana Barraza and The English Teacher,
starring Julianne Moore and Greg Kinnear. She can also be found as the “Rachel” cover model for
the ScholasDc Animorphs book relaunch.
A graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts,
Roberts produced over twenty projects since 2010
including Mastodon, which was selected by Film
Shortage as one of their featured short films. Two
other films Elm Gardens and JusBce in D Minor world
premiered at the Cannes Film FesBval in 2012 and
2013, respecDvely.
Broadway World claims that Roberts’ feature
directorial debut, Li<le Miss Perfect, “handles what is
an extremely delicate subject ma<er with careful
precision”. The film has garnered criDcal acclaim and
Roberts has interviewed for and appeared in The
Huffington Post, Backstage, The Examiner, and Fox 5
News, among others. The film premiered at the Irvine
Int’l Film FesBval where it was nominated for Best Feature NarraDve and was selected to screen in
the exclusive Soho House Cinema Program. It was also selected to make its LA premiere at the
TCL Chinese Theater and its NY premiere at the Soho Int’l Film FesBval. It went on to garner awards
for Best Feature Film, Best Lead Actress, and Best Screenplay.
Roberts was dubbed a “Big Screen Filmmaker” on the cover of 201 Magazine’s April 2016 issue
and was interviewed by GirlHQ to shine light on female directors. She serves on the California
Docu Film FesDval’s Youth Advisory Board and has appeared on
mulDple panels including Sunywide Film FesDval’s “Breaking into the
Business” and Annapolis Film FesDval’s “Young Hollywood”. She will be
supervising directors for Filmsters Academy summer intensives and will
host a master class on independent filmmaking: from concept to reality,
at the DocuFilm FesDval in LA later this year.


Hayley Macfarlane



Hayley MacFarlane is an award winning Australian director living in London. Her first short film Hummingbirds (2012) did very well on the festival circuit, winning awards both nationally and internationally. This lead to Hayley getting signed to a production company at a young age, were she went on to direct campaigns for company’s such as Discovery Kids Network, MTV and Tourism QLD. After moving to London in 2014 Hayley expanded into reality TV, directing Big Brother UK and Love Island.

Nicole Newmaster



Ali Zare Ghanatnowi


I was born in Shiraz, Iran on 25.01. 1981. I got interested in cinema and theatre since teen age. During my secondary education I staged several shows at school. I won the award for the best school show in 1997.

I started work as play-write and assistant director in Iran Radio & TV since 1998. I successfully completed various Radio & TV training courses by 2000.

Eric P. Granger


Since 1991, I‘ve been telling stories by acting, singing, directing and writing. Four stage plays, one musical, twenty songs, ten poems, and a book. And, most enjoyable: Screenplays.

I have written five features and three shorts and have received 58 Film Festival Screenplay Awards including 8 – “BEST SCREENPLAY” and 16 – “Finalist” Awards. Including 3rd place at Cannes this year.

Currently living in Lake Placid, NY and Costa Rica.

Matthieu Tondeur

Matt Photos BLX_9436

Live in Shanghai for 7 years. produced and shot 3 short films and 2 music video (one for VICE.cn)
Designer, Filmmaker, Photographer.
I also do production design and set design/practical effects

My website about photo/filmmaking : matthieutondeur.format.com
my IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm7907338/

Spencer Scott Holmes


A short bio about me is that I’ve been creating videos for 11 years, ranging from shorts, to animated, music videos, commercials, live events and even helped with some feature length projects for both free lance and my own creations. Some of my cartoons include Walabie The Rabbit, Drunk Batman and Robin & The Unloving Father. I also run a podcast called the Old Man Orange Podcast where my co host and I talk films, animation & our own projects, all while having laughs along the way. I’ve played music for even longer in a few bands and my own group, Them Strangers. Creating our own music videos too.

Ian Wilson


My name is Ian Wilson. I am a screenwriter, filmmaker and actor. I have written several feature and short screenplays and have completed one short film, The Mask of Leia.

Andrea Cerovac

Foto Andrea Cerovac

Andrea Cerovac is an independent filmmaker from Trieste, Italy. He realized his first short film “Communicate” in 2012 with the collaboration of the FalCrow Production. In 2013 it was the turn of “Work & Gain: A Modern Nightmare”, followed a year later by “The Editing”, produced under his new independent production company “Nishi’s Cut Production”. With this last short film, he won the Special Award “Finestra sul Cinema FVG” of Cervignano Film Festival 2014. In 2015 directs the short films “The Strange Life Of Mr. Chucky” and “c.j.”, and the music video “The Despair of The Rotting Christ” for the black metal band Ergot. After directing the music video “The Village Fair” for the band Wooden Legs and the short film “slowmo.n.y”, in April 2016 he end to produce the short film comedy horror “The Z-Parade”.

Shady Salah

Director's image

A Communication and Media Arts graduate of the American University in Cairo ’13 (AUC) with
a minor degree in Theatre. Shady Salah attended various regional workshops, and spent 3
months attending an intensive workshop; “Acting for Cinema“ in the renowned University of
California, Los Angles (UCLA). Shady is a freelancer Actor/Director who started his career
through acting leading roles in numerous plays produced by AUC’s Department of
Performance and Visual Arts. He took his passion and evolved it after graduation; by acting,
directing and producing more than 15 short films.

Mohammad Hassan Arjmandi



He is mostly known as a writer & poet in Iran, but his interest in Cinema has inspired his visionary mind towards writing scenarios. He has written numbers of long & short scenarios which have brought him the “best Scenario” awards in some national film festivals. His 75 Shortfilmscenarios will be published in two-volume book in the near future.

His Journey toward movie directing has started with writing scenarios. As an experimental director, he made few music videos; then continued by making TV programs and writing &directing few short movies like “A common sense”(2012), “Every body’s beautiful”(2012), “Amnesia”(2012), “Be like a pencil”(2012), “Don’t judge fast”(2012) and finally “A letter to the sky”(2015).

“A common sense”(2012) and“A letter to the sky”(2015) have participated in competition part in 15 festivals.


Best scenario for a music video in the first “Isar Film Festival”

Best scenario for a music video inthe “Basij five-minutesmovies Film Festival”

Arup Manna

2 - Copy

* Diploma in Cinematography, Script-writing and Editing from Xavier’s institute of communication, Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

* Diploma in Drawing & Paintings from Kollol School of Arts, Nagaon.

* Visiting lecturer of Jyotichitraban Film and Television Institute, Assam and Film Production in Guwahati University (Refresher’s Course)

* Working since 20 years in Assamese Film industry and T.V. Production.

John Marc Bimonte


John Marc Bimonte is a musician, fine artist, writer and filmmaker. He is known mainly for his magically realistic animated film Bob & Wayne In Space, as well as a printmaker of the Social Realist school. He also plays several instruments and scores his own films in addition to writing the scripts and performing some of the characters.

Rocko Paolo


Rocko Paolo began his entertainment career as a songwriter and quickly became a sought after melody maker by record labels (garnering awards). With a gift for storytelling, he graduated into writing and directing short films that have been officially selected at worldwide film festivals. Rocko Paolo also participated in a collaborative feature that is now in the Guinness World Book Of Records.

Gabi Costa

Gabi Costa5

Actress and screenwriter. (20, as an actress. 7 years as a writer)

Novels (as an actress): ¨Joia Rara¨, ¨O Rebu¨, among other … Movie (as an actress and screenwriter): Love suspended.

Participant in the following festivals: Semi-finalist – Best Screenplay – IOFF (Open International Film Festival – 2016)

10 CineFest Votoranti (SP) – 2016

13 El Festival International de Cine LGBT – El Lugar Sin Limites (Argentina) – 2015

5 Santo Domingo Outfest (Dominican Repunlica) – 2015

9 For Rainbow Film Festival and Culture of Sexual Diversity (EC) – 2015

2nd Caruau Film Festival (PE) – 2015

TMFF – The Monthy Film Festival (USA) 2015

¨1-8-0¨ (as an actress and screenwriter)

Participating in the following festivals:

Minute Festival 2016

Super9 Mobile 2016.

John Ainslie

Ainslie -Director-Headshot A4

Canadian Film Centre alumni John Ainslie is best known for the throwback horror film Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer. His screenplay was nominated for a Fangoria Chainsaw Award and the film won Best Midnight Film at the prestigious Sitges International Film Festival 2007. Prior to writing, John worked as a Director of Photography and won the Borsos prize of Best Cinematographer at the Whistler Film Festival 2005 for his work on the feature Sk8 Life. After honing his directing craft on short films, John wrote and directed his first feature film, The Sublet. A psychological thriller that Mark Miller from Ain’t it Cool News said “scares and shocks to a nerve-shredding level”. It premiered at Whistler Film Festival 2015 and is currently screening on SuperChannel.

Demo Reel Link:

Rob Moore


I’m a Director of Photography with numerous shorts and a feature film under my belt. I’m also a screenwriter with a feature-length script currently in production and another that has achieved Official Selection in four international festivals, the semifinals of BlueCat Screenplay’s Cordelia award and the BBC Writersroom longlist. Along with being a film fan for as long as I can remember, I’ve got good experience of what does (and doesn’t!) make for a great film from both a technical, artistic and audience perspective.

Victor Nores


Victor Nores (born in Madrid, 1983). Graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the Complutense University of Madrid. His further studies include screenplay and post-production, of which he was a teacher at a Vocational Education and Training school. Victor Nores has conquered international acknowledgment as director and screenwriter at several festivals including Clermont-Ferrand, Austin Film Festival, Locarno and ÉCU-The European Independent Film Festival and a preselection for Goya® Awards at the 29th edition among the best short films for his first short film, Eutanas, SA. featuring over 240 selections and 20 awards.

Mahamoud IBRAHIM


My name Mahamoud IBRAHIM Comorian filmmaker. I grew up in the Comoros and I went to France to continue my university studies. I was at the University of Paris 8 for my first year and 2 in Rennes cinema performing arts option for the following years. I joined a two- month Fémis , in the framework of a training entitled : University Summer Fémis .
In 2014 I realized a documentary on the Comorian riflemen of the First World War that has been programmed in the Festival ” Short Film Meeting in Madagascar »
In 2015 as part of the Summer University of Fémis I realized ” Stopover in Pajol ”
It’s been three years since I returned to the Comoros after my studies to devote myself to the documentary cinema.

Mark Riordan


Mark is an innovative Writer & Director. Through creativity and passion, he generates ideas that go from paper to the screen. With a background in philosophy of film, he possesses the unique ability to fully utilize his storytelling & creative capabilities to enthrall, excite and captivate the audience.

For more information on me and my latest project, please visit http://www.theblackshortfilm.com/

Deepti Ghatge

Deepti Ghatge

Deepti Ghatge has over 14 years of experience in film production and direction. She has been assistant Director in 2 National Award winning films from India.

Having graduated from London Film Academy, her first short film Let’s Talk About It! went to the short film corner at Cannes, Museum of Modern Art, Taiwan and a bunch of film festivals in London, Los Angeles and Prague.

She was a member of Jury at the Watersprite Cambridge International Film Festival, 2014 and at the selection panel on Cheap Cuts Documentary Film Festival, 2016.

Deepti is currently working on her next short film and is passionate about developing projects and making films that are engaging and artistic, exploring the visual medium of film.

Ali Reza Salmanpour


Born in 1982 in Tabriz of Iran
My crew activity since 1999.
I have directed 15 short films and more than 20 have won an award as best director and best film.
my account in telegram is : telegram.me/AliRezaSalmanpour
my facebook adress is www.facebook.com/alireza.salmanpour

Rehab Ayoub


You can find a lots of information about my business .

Golnaz Jamsheed



Bachelor of Arts ’06
Film,Television and Media
University of California, Los Angeles

Shaikhmohammed Junaid


• Junaid Imam is a writer and Director
with Fan Entertainments Mumbai. He
has been in the television industry
for about 10 years. He has directed a
few tele-series, documentaries,
short films and shows.
• Junaid imam won 28 National &
International awards for his short
film “Melawa” & “Ek kulta Raja”
“Missile man”in 2013-2016
• His Directorial TV show “Mano Ya Na
Mano” has been awarded “Best
thrilling show”in 2007
• His short film project topper Mass
communication Department-Pune
university in 2006